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Slip and Fall

The Town Law LLC has a team of experts ready to advise our clients pertaining to their slip and fall injury. It is imperative that anyone who suffers a slip and fall injury seek immediate medical attention.

In most cases, slip and falls occur due to the irresponsibility and negligence of another person(s). Slip and fall injuries can occur due to:

  • lack of supervision of slippery conditions at a business

  • poorly lit stairwells

  • lack of maintaining safe walkways

  • lack of warning signs for pedestrians or customers indicating hazardous conditions that would result in a fall

If you or someone you know has recently fallen on someone else's property, contact our Firm today for a free consultation. Our team of dedicated staff and paralegals will ensure that you or a loved one receive the best representation and outcome possible.

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Car Accidents

When an individual is involved in a motor-vehicle accident, it can often lead to injuries that can impact all aspects of life.

Individuals involved in situations such as these can often have injuries pertaining to the:

  • neck

  • shoulder

  • head

  • back

  • legs

  • spine

  • brain

These injuries can not only impact the physical well being of the individual but also the mental health of the person as well.

Moreover injuries such as these can impact the ability of the individual to maintain an job and provide for his/herself and their loved ones.

In matters like these it is imperative the person injured seek legal assistance immediately.

Contact our firm today for a free consultation and we will dedicate our time and experience in ensuring that you get the compensation YOU deserve.

Dog Bites

Dog owners owe a duty of care to others to ensure their dogs are properly leashed and trained to not bite without provocation. In Pennsylvania, the laws pertaining to dog ownership and leashes will hold the animal's owner(s) liable when the injured person acted in a manner that was normal and peaceful prior to sustaining the injury.

Dog bites can lead to permanent physical injuries such as scarring, disfigurement, and severe mental trauma.

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury from a dog, contact our Firm today.