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Exploring Legal Immunity: The Commonwealth v. Marmillion Case (2022) and the Drug Overdose Response Immunity Act

Explore the critical analysis of the Drug Overdose Response Immunity Act in the context of Commonwealth v. Marmillion (2022). Understand the requirements for immunity and the implications of the court's decision for individuals reporting drug overdoses.

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Public Servant Exception Upheld: Commonwealth v. Patterson, November 7, 2023

Explore the Superior Court of Pennsylvania's ruling in Commonwealth v. Patterson, where the lawfulness of a vehicle seizure under the public servant exception to the warrant requirement is examined.

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Indifference to Brutality: The Case of Dalishia Danika Salter's Aggravated Sentence (February 17, 2023)

Explore the case of Dalishia Danika Salter (February 17, 2023), where the Superior Court affirmed an aggravated sentence for a mother's brutal assault on her infant son and her shocking indifference during the trial.

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Reversal of DUI License Suspension: Insights from Megan Elizabeth Rickell v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (February 24, 2023)

Explore Rickell v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as it delves into the implications of ARD acceptance on DUI license suspension and the interpretation of 'prior offense' under Section 3806 of the Vehicle Code.

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Commonwealth v. Odane A. Spence: A Detailed Analysis of DUI Conviction and Legal Proceedings (2023)

Explore the intricacies of the Commonwealth v. Odane A. Spence case from July 27, 2020, as we delve into the sufficiency of evidence for a DUI conviction, the legitimacy of a traffic stop, and the Superior Court's ruling affirming the judgment of sentence.

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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Michael Thompson (2023): Inventory Searches After Alexander

This article explores the legal battle in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Michael Thompson (2023), examining the Superior Court's reasoning for upholding an inventory search despite the recent limitations placed on vehicle searches in the state.

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Entrapment Defense in DUI Cases: Analyzing Commonwealth v. Whitmire (2023)

Delve into the 2023 case of Commonwealth v. Whitmire, where the entrapment defense in a DUI scenario was put to the test. Discover the intricacies of this legal argument and its impact on the outcome.

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Legal Thresholds in Vehicle Searches: Analyzing Commonwealth v. Jonathan Boyd

Explore the complexities of probable cause in vehicle searches through the case of Commonwealth v. Jonathan Boyd. Learn how factors like window tint, nervous behavior, and an empty holster contributed to the court's decision.

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Conspiracy, Credibility, and Convictions: Insights from Commonwealth v. Jessie James

Explore the intricate legal arguments and court's reasoning in Commonwealth v. Jessie James, a case involving drug offenses and claims of ineffectiveness of counsel.

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