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10 Common Ways People Get Pulled Over

Town Law Publishing Jan. 4, 2023

Here are ten reasons why police officers might pull a vehicle over:

  1. Speeding: This is perhaps the most common reason for a traffic stop.

  2. Running a red light or stop sign: This is a safety issue, as it can lead to accidents if vehicles are not following traffic signals.

  3. Improper lane changes or lane usage: This can include swerving between lanes, failing to signal when changing lanes, or driving in the wrong lane.

  4. Following too closely (tailgating): This can be a safety issue if the vehicle behind is not maintaining a safe following distance.

  5. Defective or improperly functioning equipment: This can include issues with the vehicle's lights, brakes, or other essential equipment.

  6. Drunk or impaired driving: Police officers are trained to look for signs of impaired driving, such as swerving or driving erratically.

  7. Suspended or revoked driver's license: If an officer runs a license plate check and finds that the driver's license is suspended or revoked, they may pull the vehicle over.

  8. Outstanding warrants: If an officer runs a background check and finds that the driver has an outstanding warrant, they may pull the vehicle over.

  9. Vehicle registration or insurance issues: If a vehicle's registration or insurance has expired, or if the officer determines that the vehicle is not properly registered or insured, they may pull the vehicle over.

  10. Suspicious behavior: If an officer observes behavior that they deem suspicious, they may pull a vehicle over to investigate further.

It's important to note that these are just a few examples, and there may be other reasons why a police officer might pull a vehicle over. If you have been pulled over by police and were charged with a crime, contact The Town Law LLC today for a free consultation.