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Can My Elder Parent Have a Will Drafted if He/she Has Mental Health Issues?

July 5, 2021

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, it is assumed that adults have the mental capacity to make rational decisions such as a having their will drafted. There are times however, where an adult may be unable to draft a will because his/her mental capacity makes them unable to comprehend what they are executing in the will.

Does Diminished Mental Capacity Prevent an Individual from Being Able to Ever Have a Will Drafted?

Not necessarily. As people age and their mental faculties naturally decline, there may be instances where they may lack the capacity to draft a will but those instances may subside which would then allow the person to have the capacity to drat a will. When a person gets older, their particular mental health status may cause them to be more lucid depending on:

  • The day of the week

  • The time of day

  • Their stress levels

  • Change in medication

  • Improvement in their mental health

What are the Mental Requirements for a Person Wanting to Draft a Will?

Generally, in order to draft a will, the person must:

  • understand in a general away, the nature of his/her property,

  • knows who the persons who be his/her heirs, and

  • must be able to comprehend that he or she is making a will.

How Can it Be Ensured that the Will is Enforceable?

Determination of mental capacity is key to making sure a will is enforceable. The determination of whether a client has the mental capacity to draft a will must be made by the attorney and the witnesses based on

  • conversations with the client and his/her from family,

  • information supplied by social workers and/or medical professionals

  • If necessary, a mental health evaluation from the individual’s primary care physician

Who Can I Contact if I Have More Questions?

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