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How Can Drugs Be Suppressed in A Criminal Case?

July 5, 2021

What Happens After the Filing of The Motion?

The Motion to Suppress Will Be Set for An Evidentiary Hearing in The Court of Common Pleas. at The Suppression Hearing, the Law Enforcement Officers (i.E., Narcotics Detectives, D.E.A. Agents, Etc.) Will Be Called to Testify to The Facts and Basis that Provided Them with The “probable Cause,” Which They Claim Justified the Search And/or the Arrest.

The facts can be unraveled by a defense attorney in exhaustively breaking down the affidavit of probable cause, renditions of the events that took place, body-worn cameras, or dash cameras from the patrol vehicles.

Winning the Motion to Suppress

Here at The Town Law, our focus is on winning the Motion or - at the very least - utilizing that Motion to negotiate a favorable offer for our client.

If the Motion papers are cohesive, exhaustive, and easy to digest, then the Judge will be able to comprehend the contentions of the Defendant in the Motion. Should that be done, the Defendant is on solid footing to leave the Judge with no other option then to follow precedent set forth through case law -- ruling in Defendant's favor.

I Got Arrested on A Drug-Related Charge... Who Can I Call?

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