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I Have a Commercial Driver's License and Just Got a DUI... What am I Facing?

July 5, 2021

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, DUI’s can be a very life-changing and serious offense. This is especially true for individuals who have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). In Pennsylvania, CDL license holders are held to a much higher standard when it comes to operating their vehicles while on public roadways. As a result of this, when a CDL license holder is charged with a DUI, the penalties are much harsher than someone who has been charged with a DUI and standard driver’s license. At The Town Law, we often get many questions regarding the penalties for a DUI while possessing a commercial driver’s license.

What Are the Penalties for a CDL Driver who gets a DUI?

If you possess a Commercial Driver’s License and are found guilty of a 1st DUI you will be sentenced to:

  • At least 48 hours to 6 months incarceration.

  • $500 to $5,000 in fines.

  • Regular driver's license suspension of 12 months,

  • CDL suspension of 12 months;

  • CDL suspension of 3 years if HazMat involved.

(For more information on CDL license suspension visit the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Website)

** In the event you are found guilty of a second offense DUI, you will PERMANENTLY lose your CDL license.

It is important to note that, If a CDL holder is convicted for a second DUI, he or she will be banned for life from operating with a commercial driver’s license in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

** If an individual refuses a blood test on their first DUI, he/she will lose their CDL and regular license for 12 months. On a second DUI offense, a refusal will result in a permanent CDL license suspension.

(For more information on CDL license suspension visit the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Website)

Will ARD prevent me from losing my CDL license?

NO. This is a common misconception many CDL license holders fall into when they are facing their first DUI. If an attorney advises a CDL license holder that they will not lose their CDL license for a year if they complete their ARD program, the defendant would be well-advised to seek other counsel immediately.

What Should I Do If I Have a DUI and I am a CDL driver?

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