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Suppressing the Evidence in Your DUI Case

July 5, 2021

When an individual is facing a DUI charge, it is paramount to look into various trial issues that can lead to a not guilty verdict. However, in many DUI situations, the case will live or die by the evidence that can be admitted at trial. You may be asking yourself, "how can evidence be made inadmissible at my DUI trial?"

The aim is to look into the stop and the arrest. It is our job to bring deficiencies in the DUI investigation to the attention of the Court and to seek redress through filing a motion to suppress unlawfully obtained evidence.

What Is a Motion to Suppress in A DUI Case?

A motion to suppress in a DUI case is a defendant's opportunity to put the conduct of the officer or officers who conducted a DUI investigation on trial before the Court. Once an issue regarding illegal or impermissible conduct by the police officer has been raised by a defendant's attorney, the burden shifts to the prosecution (the Commonwealth) to prove the lawfulness of the officer's conduct.

Through the filing of motions to suppress, we are able to provide an avenue for obtain favorable and successful results in a DUI case.

How Can a Motion to Suppress Help My Case?

By filing well researched pre-trial motions, an attorney is able to present to the Court a basis for why the DUI charges should be dismissed or provide leverage for negotiating substantially more favorable terms for a negotiated guilty plea offer from the Commonwealth, should the defendant not wish to take the matter to trial.

How Can I Know if My Case Has a Suppression Issue?

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