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Where Can I Pay My Court Fines Online?

April 15, 2021

Whenever an individual is found guilty of a traffic or criminal related matter, there are many instances where he/she is mandated to pay fines as part of their sentence. Often it is the case where many people are unsure of how to pay these fines online. This process, while tricky to those unfamiliar with the process is important to satisfy as part of your sentence. Not paying court costs and fines can lead to penalties including:

  • License Suspension

  • Bench Warrants

  • Jail Time

  • Violation of Probation

  • Increased Fines

  • Other penalties as mandated by the sentencing Judge.

By following this step by step process below, we hope that we are able to make this process easier for you or someone you know.

What is the site where I can pay?

The site is Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System ( and when you first enter the site the page will look like the image below.

Once you enter the site you will see a pay online section in the bar next to case information and help & support.

 UJS Portal ScreenshotWhen you click on the Pay Online tab it will drop down and there will be an option that says Fines, Costs, & Restitution.

 UJS Portal ScreenshotAfter clicking on the Fines, Costs, & Restitution a new page will open up and you will have several different options to choose in how to find how much you owe. We always suggest the easiest way is to click "Name of the person" in order to find out and pay your costs.

UJS Portal ScreenshotAfter clicking "Name of person" a new screen will open and you will have to select the court type which can either be: Court of Common Pleas, Magisterial District Court, Philadelphia Municipal Court. For this blog we will choose Magisterial District Court (but all options look fairly the same on the next page).

UJS Portal ScreenshotOn the next page you are going to see the above ^ information you will need to enter. Enter your name, the county in which your case was and the case type.

UJS Portal ScreenshotOnce you enter your information your case should appear. The small box next to the magnifying glass is where you are going to want to check off with your mouse. Once you click that box simply add to cart, check out, and you will be asked how you wish to pay (credit or debit card). Once the fine is paid you will be able to print a receipt for your records.

It is important to note that you do not always have to pay your entire fine off at once. Make sure you speak with the magisterial court (or if this is a Common Pleas matter... speak with adult probation) and inquire about how much you need to pay and at what time.

If you have further questions regarding payment of costs and fines for your particular case, contact us today and we would be happy to assist you.